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Movie Name- Avatar The Way Of Water – Friends will have your back even if they miss the pre-embargo screening of the first James Cameron film in 13 years. Now that “Avtar: Way Of Water” is out. It’s time to punch on and do that only monetizable skill I talk about, so Avatar, the way of water, is the equel to Avatar. It’s been many years for us, many years for them. 

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“Avtar: Way Of Water”- Jake Sully now has a great family life, but the sky people have returned, so let the Clash commence also learning the way of water that that’s also a thing here now. Let’s be honest and address it. Avatar gets a lot, but I was like, I’ve never been there mentally with the movie. I thought Avatar was great in 2009. I’ve watched it since then many times. I’ve watched it recently to brush up on this movie.

“Avtar: Way Of Water” is  great. I apologize for none of it. It’ll be interesting to see how the way of water plays outside the landscape. The Cinematic landscape is now different in 2022 than it was in 2009. After watching the movie, I can say that my faith in James Cameron has paid off because I thought I crushed it with this one and two that might work out for this movie.

Big Budget Movies

After all, it’s easy to see big-budget movies being this industrial-grade Studio cash grab. After all, that is kind of what we see with big-budget movies now, but I don’t think that’s the case with the way of water, so first of all, technologically speaking, this movie is Head and Shoulders above anything you’ve ever seen in your life so many times I was watching this I was like this is it’s easy to forget it’s CGI there’s been a couple of times I’ve met fans and are like dude do you think Avatar the way of water looks great because I don’t think the trailer visually I don’t think it looks any better than the previous Avatar movie. 

We’ve hit that phase where the only way to see the details and the resolution is to see it on a bigger screen. That’s pretty smart for 20th-century Studios, which as Disney. I’ve watched the trailer on a little screen, and I’ve watched it on the big screen. On the big screen, it does look better at first. When you’re in the forest, you’re like, okay, it does look good, but I’ve seen this before

 But when they get to the water stuff and hang out in the water civilization, it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. James Cameron, in the world of Pandora theAvatar movies they’ve always had that they’ve always had this bond between the people of the world and the animals of the very world Circle of Life thing going on, but it’s like James Cameron’s very conscious of the fact that being world of Pandora is part of the fun is part of the charm its part of the glory of the movie, so it gives you more than a few moments of these awe-inspiring scenes where it is just like ah let’s have the audience take it to let’s have characters have taken in too because it does look that incredible this movie does the high frame rate which is essentially doubling the frame rate. 

I’m like yeah, the cameras turning that looks great. Yeah, it’s so immersive that my brain tells me we’re spinning, and I’m nauseous. Also, the thing that this movie does well that a lot of movies that have that time Gap need to do, you know, when they’re dealing with a couple of generations, is have both Generations be relevant and have the story used both optimally usually when dealing with that problem we’re talking about universes and worlds that have been around actively for a while this is just simply the first James Cameron movie since the previous James Cameron movie enough time has passed where now he needs to deal with that because he saw the 12-year gap between Titanic and Avatar.


 He was like, I can beat that 13 years hence here are, but I did think this movie did a great job at using the two generations in the teary Jake Sully and their kids and having them all work, you know, having them all optimized, I felt like nitrided get a little more sidelined in this movie than she was in the previous movies he was a huge part of the previous movie, but it more revolves around Jake and the fact that he is this leader, but now he’s also a parent in the previous movie Jake was like oh yeah I’m a military leader last Shadow baby its fine I’ll help them all fight But now he’s like, I don’t want my kids to get hurt and die in the fighting, so I’m going about it differently, but then his kids are like, we want to fight. We want to help, so they’re going on their Quest. The kids are actually at the forefront here. It is building the story. There are six planned Avatar sequels. They will stick around and become more prominent as time goes on. This was the film where we had to give an about them

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There was a bit of familiarity in a couple of scenes um just in the fact that when I was sitting down to watch this movie I remember thinking this is going to feel so different than the first movie because a huge part of the first movie was Jake Sully training to be in the navy, and then he becomes one of the people, and that’s the plot of the movie, and to my surprise, it’s called the way of water so it shouldn’t have been too surprised, but in its execution, Jake and his family are hanging out with this Navi civilization that’s very water-based their bodies have evolved to use water in their culture and their civilization as the Navi. We saw in the previous film evolved to use the forestall of it seems well thought out and executed with a passion, so that sense of learning a new culture is in this movie as well. There’s no flip like that in the first one where it’s like oh man, I guess these folks aren’t so bad. I will help them, so they’re always the good guys. This is good guys hanging out with good guys. There’s a bit of that HighSchool tension, though. I do want to give props to composer Simon Franklin for stepping in after the late great James Horner passed away some big shoes to fill and to be fair, there were a couple of moments where a track was either reused or was just recomposed for this movie. Still, it’s the same track from the first movie, like that song when the home tree gets bombed, his home tree’s down all the navigate crying, and they’re freaking out, and you know that that tune that’s very memorable from the first movie that same song plays in this movie. Are you just reusing tracks going to reuse them? But this sounds like a James Cameron call to me, not a Simon Franklin call. I want to give props to Simon Franklin because music is very important in the world of Pandora


 If you didn’t like the previous Avatar movie, this will not likely win you over, but for fans of Avatar, way water will be a great next chapter. Once again, Pandora is a world in a movie that you’re not just watching in the movie. You’re living it. James Cameron’s director gets that 2022 comic-book movie MCU budget, but he uses it to keep that old-school movie-going experience alive. His movies feel like passion projects; still, it’s a unique movie-going experience.

James Cameron films He’s a guy who does his own thing, wants to entertain the living  out of people, and does it in a way where you’re like yeah, movies used to feel like this. It’s awesome to see in 2022, Avatar will feel that way. It’s going to feel like that studio cash grab. As I said, there are a few Avatar sequels planned out. I’d be shocked if he does all of them, and if they’re successful enough, they will have spin-offs and Disney plus series. There might eventually come a time when it feels like soulless nonsense. Still, that time is not today. I felt Avatar the way of water was a memorable experience in 2022. The visuals look unreal. It has a classic storytelling Spirit about a family at the center, and the last 45 minutes of this film is a satisfying action spectacle Avatar the way of water is awesome tacularit’s like this; I was actually going to give it bite on Blu-ray, and I just remembered I’m a grumpy old 

Avatar The Way Of Water Movie , have you seen it? What did you think about it, or what’s your favorite James Cameron film? You can rank them if you want. That’s always fun to do. Everyone loves lists; they are fun to do, read, have, make, whatever you think. Comment below and let me know, and as always, if you like what you’ve seen here and you want to see more, click right here today for more